The Answer to How Is Yes: Photos of My In-Between Son

My son Nicholas turns 15 at the end of September, which is just ridiculous.

In some ways he retains the pure innocence and excitement of a little boy. In others he’s already taken on the weight of a grown man.

I wish he hadn’t done so yet, even as he consciously, purposefully offers support and love to people, including, especially, me. It is beautiful. It has weight. It has gifts. It reflects his strength. It has a cost.

Nicholas, with OCD as part of his autism as well as a full co-diagnosis, cares deeply that everything is just right, just the way things are supposed to be.

For people, it means he cares that they — they being everyone —  are well and happy. That’s the way they’re supposed to be.

You’re supposed to be. So let’s get it right, people.

Nicholas’ values here reflect my own, maybe with a touch more confidence in his ability to help shape things into the way they’re supposed to be: well and happy. And, reflecting these values and this essence, love imbues everything my son does.

Capturing this liminal time in different ways, keeping and holding it close, feels so very valuable. These in-between years — maybe just months to go before this period passes, at any time, poof — are precious and ephemeral: like the end of summer.

Here’s the past month — August and maybe going out another week into July — of memorable pics of Nicholas. Memorable for me, anyway, because I want to remember and hold onto this time with him and these moments. Some have been shared before on Instagram or Facebook.

Note: the blog post’s title is the title of a Peter Block book, a used copy of which just arrived for me today as I rebuild my library. Peter is an organizational consultant with whom I once upon a time did an especially compelling interview. I love the book title, and today it just reminded me so much of my son.

So I stole it. Enjoy the pics.

IMPORTANT: Click on any one photo to open them all in a much more attractive slider, and then you should also have the option, if you’re on desktop or tablet, to open each one at full size: some work much better visually at the larger sizes. And thanks for visiting the blog.



One thought on “The Answer to How Is Yes: Photos of My In-Between Son

  1. Wonderful, touching photos! I love NC myself. My parents lived on Cedar Mountain for many years. I have such fond memories of taking my own children there and seeing the wonderment on their faces. Thanks for renewing my memories…


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