Poem: Favorite Person

Favorite Person

The excitement of hello
vibrates and shines
not with the promise of what’s to come
but just for itself
the best moment possible
every morning, every day.

How lucky
that I get to see
my favorite person
every day that I have
a favorite person
to love.

I remember when a moment
a hello wasn’t enough
when I wanted more
thought I needed more
risked hello to have it
and lost that fragile hello
a friend, a love
other friends and loves too.

Lily photo by Ray HemachandraMy favorite person and I
walk through stores and forests
on paths and sidewalks
in museums and bowling alleys
offer bright hellos and sometimes
just sometimes people smile and reply.

Others, sometimes, afterward shake
their heads, one of a couple looking down
or back. The world is filled with people
who haven’t learned to say hello
or who have forgotten because
they don’t have a favorite person.


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