About Ray


Business, social-media, and marketing strategist. Publisher. Interviewer. Writer. Professional-development coach. Autism activist and trainer.

While my professional work has usually involved creating — writing, editing, designing, publishing, growing businesses — my most significant successes and certainly greatest satisfaction have come from partnership: partnering with colleagues while listening to customers and community; creating a holistic vision and plan; and then getting the work done.

I’ve run businesses successfully and believe wholeheartedly that’s because I put people first: the people who work for me and the customers for whom we work. That’s the model for any meaningfully profitable business. My emphases, accordingly, include relationship-building, community, a core commitment to excellence, and, always, the professional development and general well-being of my colleagues.

Ray Hemachandra hosting a panel at the International New Age Trade Show, with retailers Candace Apple, Jean Haller, and David Cronin

I’ve worked at a newspaper (sports reporter, copy editor), a magazine (various editorial jobs ranging from book-review editor to, ultimately, editor in chief), and a book publisher, as senior editor for three years and then team lead and business manager for the founding three years of Lark Jewelry & Beading, which was Lark’s most profitable sub-imprint under my acquisitions, creative, business, and marketing planning and direction. I have also worked first as a business consultant and then as a member of the management team for an environmental engineering firm, and I’ve done consulting work for several businesses and organizations.

I serve on the boards of businesses and numerous community organizations. I’m particularly active in the autism and special needs communities, supporting people by offering talks, training, and consultation and serving on educational panels and even a human-rights committee.

Ray Hemachandra making a presentation at the University of North Carolina Asheville

I authored a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, along with a couple of dozen other well-reviewed books. I’m more pleased, though, by the far greater number of books I was privileged to acquire, develop, publish, and champion and the authors, creatives, and publishing professionals I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with in that work.

I’ve interviewed many mind/body/spirit and spiritual teachers — Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, Sakyong Mipham, Thomas Moore, Chan Khong, and David Zeller among them — along with musicians, artists, and business leaders. I’ve led trainings and seminars, moderated panel discussions, and conducted interviews on stage at large shows and conferences.

My work and, I hope, this blog hold together by a consistent mission of supporting people in their lives — this informs my leadership approach, my business strategies, my writing, my personal explorations, and, at least in my honest intent, my life.

You can also see my work on other sites across the Web. For a few examples, click through to see interviews with spiritual teachers Dr. Wayne W. Dyer here and here, organization consultant Peter Block here as a PDF, Sister Chan Khong on the Plum Village site here, and an article about Native Americans and the New Age (talking with Vine Deloria Jr., Ted Andrews, Jamie Sams, and Robert Doyle) here as a PDF.

I currently live in Asheville, North Carolina, with my beautiful teenage son.

I invite you to connect with me at facebook.com/RayHemachandra or linkedin.com/in/rayhemachandra/, and you are welcome to contact me by using the form below.


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  3. Ray, I left you a message today on FB –it is jean yates (this is my flickr name! can’t figure out how to change it)


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