Louise Hay on Affirmations and the Economy

Ray and Louise Hay

Louise, a lot of manifestation and affirmation work today focuses on material wealth.

Louise: Oh, I know, and it’s so stupid. With today’s economy, we’re proving all that shop-till-you-drop bullshit doesn’t work.

Ray: But it does seem that people are drawn to doing affirmation work oriented toward gaining material things, maybe out of a sense of lack or need. The Secret emphasizes it.

Louise: Oh, yes, I know. That’s the terrible thing about The Secret. But the good thing is that it opened the eyes of many people to the possibilities. Now, a lot of those people are very dissatisfied, because they’re not getting the things they thought they were going to get. They don’t realize that you’ve got to clean up some of the crap inside first.

Ray: There’s tremendous fear in the country and across the globe right now. I’ve heard you talk about fear and anger as being at the root of all diseases. When fear increases societally—when people live in that stew—how do they protect themselves from it? Even for people familiar with this work and these principles, what do you do?

Louise: We’ve gotten through this before, and we’ve gone through things that were worse before. It all comes from greed. If everyone that’s involved in this wasn’t into greed, there wouldn’t be any problems, from the biggest down. We all have to clean up our act.

Ray: How does that inform the business perspective of Hay House?

Louise: I’ve never once said, “If I do this, I’ll make money.” That’s not where I come from. You know, I’m one of the wacky ones. It’s about how I can help people, how I can serve, and how I can help you make your life better.

I’m a firm believer in blessing and prospering each other. That means different things to different people, but you give and you get. You give and you get.

*Read my 2005 interview with Louise Hay on the www.louisehay.com site or read a fuller excerpt of this 2008 interview on www.hemachandra.com.

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