Doreen Virtue on the Angels II

[Blogger’s note: See an earlier excerpt from a different interview, asking an identical initial question, on my blog here.]

Ray: Doreen, what is an angel?

Doreen Virtue

Doreen: An angel is a nonphysical being who has no ego — so we know angels are not human. An angel is a pure essence of the Creator’s desire to connect with human beings.

“Angel” means messenger of God. But angels are nondenominational. The word “God” sometimes implies a Judeo-Christian orientation, yet angels are universal and ancient archetypes. Angels can unite people across religious and spiritual divides.

Some of my students have had really bad experiences with religion. Some also have had bad past-life experiences — for example, a church putting them to death in an inquisition.

They moved away from talking to God. For a lot of people, angels are a gentle route back to the Creator.

Ray: How many angels are there?

Doreen: There are unlimited numbers of angels — beyond the human ability to count. Every time God has a thought of love, a new angel is created.

Ray: What do the angels have to offer?

Doreen: They are life coaches, physicians, psychologists, and mechanics, and they make house calls free of charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no strings attached.

Angels are assigned to different specialties, just like people have specialties. You and I are writers. Some people do mechanics or music or baby-sitting or art, and we’re all needed. The angels’ different vibrations are according to their specialties.

Ray: Are there different types of angels, beyond the specialties?

Doreen: Most people have heard of the nine choirs of angels. The author John Milton wrote about them in Paradise Lost, which wasn’t necessarily intended to be a spiritual book. It was more like what people today call visionary fiction.

The Bible touches upon the seraphim and the cherubim, but let me make sure I mention all nine choirs. Counting them sometimes is like naming the seven dwarfs. You always forget Doc and Happy. (Doreen laughs.)

There are the seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, principalities, powers, virtues — which are why a lot of people think I made up my last name, although I didn’t — archangels, and angels. But these categories are more theoretical than practical for human purposes.

*While this excerpt was drawn from a more recent conversation with Doreen, read my 2005 interview with Doreen for New Age Retailer magazine on her site, See the full interview this excerpt was drawn from at

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