Doreen Virtue on Asking the Angels for Help

Ray: What are some specific examples of prayers a person might use to call upon the angels for help? How does someone trying it for the first time language things?

Doreen Virtue

Doreen: I want to preface my response by saying that the angels don’t care what words you use. They appreciate the engraved, fancy prayers, but they say, “Just talk to us.” You can use ordinary language — the language you use when you talk with your best friend — when you ask for help.

If you want to reach out to the angels for something very personal for yourself, you can say, “Dear guardian angels and archangels, I ask that you come to me now and help me resolve this problem or issue.” And then you just pour out your heart to the angels.

You can do it silently in your mind. You can say it out loud. You can write it.

The angels already know how you feel, but they want you to pour out your heart to them, because then you are admitting your deepest fears to yourself. That way, it gets the demons — the angels don’t use that word — so, rather, the negative energy out of you, helping you surrender it to God.

A lot of us are afraid to tune into our deepest fears, but when you admit them to the angels, there is this relief that actually helps you to be more effective and to more clearly hear your divine guidance.

Let me give an example of a prayer I really like. A lot of people say they feel tired, and I think that’s why we have a prevalence of coffee shops, especially with certain brands of coffee. I don’t remember seeing coffee shops on every corner when I was growing up, so there’s something going on these days.

As an alternative to reaching for that 50th cup of coffee for the day, Archangel Michael is a wonderful angel to call on if you feel tired. You say, “Archangel Michael, I ask that anything draining my energy and vitality be now removed from me.” It is a simple prayer. Say it, take a breath, and you will feel your energy being revived.

*See the full interview this excerpt was drawn from at While this excerpt was drawn from that more recent conversation with Doreen, also read my 2005 interview with Doreen for New Age Retailer magazine on her site,

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