Some 2015 Photographs

I haven’t been posting photographs on the blog mostly because I forgot I sometimes post photographs on the blog. I post some regularly on Instagram and Facebook, anyway, so this is what Eve once called low-lying fruit. Really I was about to post on Facebook the sleeping woman whose photo I took on Sunday underneath Whitewater Falls, and then I thought why not put it on the blog by itself (although I also thought about swapping her out for the artwork with the posted poem Why Cats Stay in Abusive Relationships, because she would go with that poem very well), and then it was like: “Oh, yeah! I remember!” The selection is somewhat random, but I emphasized nature shots, plus some of my son Nicholas. All the photos were taken fairly recently in 2015, except for the elk, which just popped up as I was collecting these pics, and I love that photo of the elk almost as much as that elk loved licking every single part of … our car. Click on a photograph to see it full size. (This option really is only relevant for photos like the bee pic.) Share the post on social media with the buttons at the bottom of the post, if you’d be so kind! ~ Ray

Woman Sleeping Fuchsia Seed Pod Whitewater Falls Nicholas on the cusp Butterfly Bee at Black Balsam Cows in Asheville Elk Fungi Nicholas at Sam KnobNicholas MudraValley Forge Rainbow FallsRainbow Falls
DuPont 1 DuPont 2

Love is a battlefield


  1. Incredible photographs. Thank you for sharing them. I especially like the sleeping woman. Maybe she was trying to hide, but I saw her right away.


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