Masaru Emoto on Love and Gratitude


Masaru Emoto and Ray Hemachandra

Ray: When you publish a water-crystal photograph — say, for example, in The Hidden Messages in Water, your first book popular in North America — how do you select the photograph? I imagine for any given word or piece of music, you take multiple samples and so have many images of the water from which to select.

Masaru: Good question. It is very important.

I choose them for their goodness and their beauty. There is a phrase in Japanese, shin zen be. Shin means truth. Zen means goodness. Be means beautiful.

I select photographs of crystals with all three elements combined.

Ray: In The Hidden Messages in Water, you describe the “love and gratitude” crystal as being especially lovely. Are any other combinations especially powerful?

Masaru: There is nothing that compares to love and gratitude in combination. More precisely, I believe love and gratitude — H2O — is one substance, rather than a combination.

Love is O, and gratitude is H2. So, gratitude is even more important than love.

With two parts gratitude and one part love, passive and active energy are put together, forming one substance.

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