Louise Hay on Women Empowering Themselves

Louise Hay with Ray Hemachandra in Tampa, Florida

Louise, how can women best empower themselves?

Love who they are, and don’t listen to the bullshit. I’m in a kick right now where I’m trying to get everyone to say to themselves, “Life loves me!” Because if we can get that inside of ourselves, then it’s a lot easier. And every time something nice happens we see it and acknowledge it: Yes! Life loves me! See, there’s proof!

I just think we have to believe in ourselves more. It’s all the same thing: We need to release the guilt. We need to forgive. We need to drop all that bullshit we were taught. And a lot of it was taught by people who loved us.

Some of us had rotten parents, and some of us had fabulous parents. They really wanted us to be safe, so they gave us their rules. But their rules didn’t work for them either. But we were good little children—good little girls and boys—so we learned what our parents taught us.

It seems to me “life loves me” is a wonderful complement to what you’ve always said—“life is good”—and that it’s different, too. “Life is good” is what you say about the universe, and “life loves me” is really saying the universe sees and adores the goodness in you. So, it really brings it around and makes it whole and complete.

Yes! I think we need to get that. I’m a simple person, and I have simple ideas. People could say, “Oh, what do you mean life loves you?” But if you believe it, you will have proof. It’s amazing how many incredible things are happening for me.

Well, let’s talk about that. You say life is good. What makes life good for you?

Well, everything’s working. Everything’s nice. Life is becoming easier. I had a quiet period there for a while. It was not a bad thing at all—I  loved it, it was great. But life has obviously said, “You’re going out again now.” And here I am.

*Read my 2005 interview with Louise Hay on thewww.louisehay.com site or read a fuller excerpt of this 2008 interview onwww.hemachandra.com.

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