Doreen Virtue on Angels and Free Will

Doreen Virtue

Ray: Do you have to ask for help from the angels to receive it?

Doreen: One thing I’ve learned that is basic but bears repeating constantly: You are created with free will.

Not even the Creator can help you unless you ask for help.

It is up to you to be asking for help continuously, whether you want to talk directly to God or to the angels or the ascended masters, like Jesus or Kuan Yin. It really doesn’t matter who you ask. What matters is that you ask for help.

Similarly, how you ask for help is secondary to the fact that you ask for help.

Some people say, “I am going to command God for help.” Some people say, “I want to affirm that God help.” Other people prefer prayers of supplication, in which they implore, “Please, God, help me.”

It all works. It doesn’t matter whether you say the prayer out loud, think it, yell it, scream it, write it, sing it — it’s all the same.

Ray: And what if you do nothing? Are angels still there helping you?

Doreen: If you don’t ask for their help, your angels still are with you and continuously sending you pure, unconditional love. If there’s a situation where your life is endangered before it’s your time to go, they will do their very best to warn and protect you.

Still, usually your free will is involved. They will scream at you, “Change lanes right now!” or “Go check on the baby!” But you still have to participate in the dance of having your prayers answered.

*See the full interview this post was excerpted from at While this excerpt was drawn from that more recent conversation with Doreen, also read my 2005 interview with Doreen for New Age Retailer magazine on her site,

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