R. Carlos Nakai on Music in the Moment

Ray: Is there an overall philosophy or message you’re trying to share with your music?

One of my favorite CDs: the amazing Canyon Trilogy from R. Carlos Nakai

R. Carlos: Part of it is expressing the idea of living in many worlds at once. But I also use the music to describe how I feel inside. To describe, as a child does, just singing impromptu—improvisationally in the moment—about their feelings of being here right now.

I still experience that even now, being on the world for so long, feeling what I think is a childlike experience of being here. It’s something that I can’t pull myself away from.

It’s just that I enjoy being here. I enjoy being in this space. I operate in this way all the time.

*Read about R. Carlos Nakai and his music at www.rcarlosnakai.com, and read more of my work at Hemachandra.com. I did this interview for New Age Retailer magazine.


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