Ask Your Angels: An Interview with Doreen Virtue

(Below are excerpts from two of my interviews with my friend Doreen Virtue, who also wrote for me as a columnist when I was editor in chief of New Age Retailer magazine. Doreen agreed to write that column for me out of pure kindness, and she always donated her author fees to worthy organizations. When my former website was still up and had many of my articles posted on it, the interviews with Doreen usually received the most traffic and interest. Doreen has always struck me as a private person who bravely makes herself public to do the good work she is meant to do. Of all the people I’ve interviewed, Doreen is palpably among the most emotionally invested in the possibility of helping people help themselves to make their lives more joyful and peaceful. I remember my first interview with her especially vividly. It took place on a couple of chairs in a hallway at a convention center in Las Vegas at one of the first I Can Do It! events by Hay House, and it was the first occasion besides a “hello, good to meet you” or two that I got to spend any meaningful time with Doreen. I was instantly taken aback and delighted by Doreen’s enthusiasm, authenticity, energy, and radiance. Learn more about Doreen Virtue and her work on her website ~ Ray)

Doreen Virtue

Ray Hemachandra: Doreen, what is an angel?

Doreen Virtue: An angel is a nonphysical being who has no ego — so we know angels are not human. An angel is a pure essence of the Creator’s desire to connect with human beings.

Angels do not have bodies in the traditional sense, but they have etheric forms that we can feel. Most of us are feeling the angels more than any other connection.

“Angel” means messenger of God. But angels are nondenominational. The word “God” sometimes implies a Judeo-Christian orientation, yet angels are universal and ancient archetypes.

Every religion, Eastern and Western, has the same archetype of benevolent guides in Heaven helping us, whether they are called bodhisattvas, deities, devas, or angels, as they are called by the monotheistic religions of the West.

Angels can unite people across religious and spiritual divides. Angels are something we all agree on. Nobody fights about angels.

Some of my students have had really bad experiences with religion. They moved away from talking to God. For a lot of people, angels are a gentle route back to the Creator.

Ray: How many angels are there?

Doreen: There are unlimited numbers of angels, beyond the human ability to count. Every time God has a thought of love, a new angel is created.

Ray: Which angels do human beings engage?

Doreen: On Earth, we really only deal with two types of angels: the angels, or guardian angels, who are closest to us, and the archangels, who are the managers of the guardian angels. Archangel Michael is a well-known example of an archangel.

Guardian angels are assigned to each and every one of us at or before conception. As a soul getting ready to incarnate, you actually talk with your angels and set up a lot of your life.

The pact you have with your angels is they will stay with you throughout your life for protection. If you get off your path and start to live out of fear instead of love, they are with you to nudge you back to center.

You also have other angels that come and go during different life issues. When you are expecting a child, when you’re moving, or when you have a health crisis, extra angels come and help. They are needed, and they are provided.

Ray: Do you have to ask for help from the angels to receive it?

Doreen: One thing I’ve learned that is basic but bears repeating constantly: You are created with free will. Not even the Creator can help you unless you ask for help.

It is up to you to be asking for help continuously, whether you want to talk directly to God or to the angels or the ascended masters, like Jesus or Kuan Yin. It really doesn’t matter who you ask. What matters is that you ask for help.

Similarly, how you ask for help is secondary to the fact that you ask for help. Some people say, “I am going to command God for help.” Some people say, “I want to affirm that God help.” Other people prefer prayers of supplication, in which they implore, “Please, God, help me.”

It all works. It doesn’t matter whether you say the prayer out loud, think it, yell it, scream it, write it, sing it — it’s all the same.

Ray: And what if you do nothing, Doreen? Are angels still there helping you?

Doreen: If you don’t ask for their help, your angels still are with you and continuously sending you pure, unconditional love. If there’s a situation where your life is endangered before it’s your time to go, they will do their very best to warn and protect you.

Still, usually your free will is involved. They will scream at you, “Change lanes right now!” or “Go check on the baby!”

But you have to participate in the dance of having your prayers answered.

Ray: How can you first connect with the angels?

Doreen: To have conscious communication with the angels — and I emphasize the word “conscious” because I firmly believe we all are continuously and unconsciously connecting with our angels, whether we know it or not — you would start in a place you feel comfortable, all by yourself, so you don’t feel self-conscious. Then, just think of something you would like help with.

For example, say, “Angels, I want a wonderful new job that exercises all my talents and everything I’ve learned — so I will wake up on Monday mornings and say ‘Yippee!’ — and that comfortably pays all my bills, plus some.”

You ask, and then the next step is to let go.

You can’t worry about how the thing is going to come about. Ruminating about trying to make something happen or worrying about the how actually slows down the prayer being answered, because the way prayers are answered exceeds human third-dimensional thinking.

Asking for help from the angels is like going to the post office: You have to let go of the envelope in order for it to be mailed.

If that’s difficult for you, also ask the angels for help in surrendering and releasing.

The third step is to notice the impressions that come to you. These impressions are divine guidance.

You will get strong feelings, ideas, or even visions. Listen for things you hear and overhear — including what people say around you and on TV — repeated over and over again.

Messages from the angels will come with a feeling of certainty and peace, even if the messages are intimidating because they are pushing you past your comfort zone. You have to follow the road maps the angels give you, or else your prayer may not be fully answered.

Sometimes people will say to me they think God and the angels are ignoring them, but when I talk to them and the angels, I find it’s the person ignoring God and the angels.

Ray: How can you be sure you’re really hearing the angels?

Doreen: First, ask for a sign. If you are asking for a big thing — something about marriage, moving, or health, for example — that’s when you need the angels the most, but paradoxically that’s also when it is the most difficult for you to hear them. When you get stressed and uptight, your communication energies shut down.

So, what I like to do is ask the angels for a sign that I’m getting the message right. The prayer I use is, “Angels, let me know whether or not this is true divine guidance. Please give me a clear sign in the physical world that I can easily notice and understand.”

Don’t tell them what kind of sign to give you — that’s outlining. Instead, because you have asked for a sign you will notice and understand easily, let the angels take care of it.

Look for repetitiveness with both divine guidance and signs. Signs usually come in threes. The same book is recommended to you several times within the space of a day, for example. You overhear someone mention the same company three times in a week. Or, you get the same feeling again and again.

Notice your feelings. Again, true divine guidance feels safe, even if it does feel intimidating. False guidance feels edgy, shaky — like you’re sneaking under the wire. It doesn’t feel right.

Also, true divine guidance asks you to focus on service. False guidance is more ego-oriented, more about what’s in it for you — for example, more focused on making money for its own sake. True guidance may help you make money, but it won’t focus on that.

Ray: Many people pray for peace. Can requests for the angels go beyond the personal and reach out toward the global?

Doreen: The angels and the archangels will help you with world peace to the degree it affects you. But they have to honor everyone’s free will — including the will of people who like to use weapons or to give orders to soldiers. They cannot usurp such people’s free will.

Say to the angels, “I affirm or ask for world peace to the degree it affects me.” Think of the world as an array of intersecting circles. The part of the world with the intersecting circle that has you in it is what the angels can and will help with.

Ray: Would you talk about some of the specific archangels and what they do?

Doreen: Absolutely! Archangel Michael is the angel to call on for physical protection of yourself, your loved ones, and your home, vehicle, and possessions. He can help you have more courage and strength if you are going through any sort of change — the kind you know you must make but are intimidated about.

Call on Archangel Raphael for any sort of health issue — for yourself, your loved ones, or your pets. Raphael also helps people who want to do healings for others, whether you want to do it on a one-shot basis for a loved one or you would like a career in healing.

Archangel Gabriel is wonderful to call on for two major categories. She helps anyone wanting to have a baby — whether you are looking to conceive a baby or to adopt — and helps with the pregnancy and the birth of the baby.

Gabriel, who is known as the messenger of God, helps with messenger work, naturally. Gabriel assists writers, teachers, and communicators, especially journalists. If you want to complete a book project, call on Gabriel. This angel is one I affectionately call a “nudging angel,” and she will push you along to get your book done.

Archangel Jophiel (pronounced Jo-fee-el), whose name means “beauty of God,” has a feminine energy, and she helps you beautify your thoughts. Most people who are on a spiritual path realize their thoughts are crucial to their experiences. If you have negative thoughts, you draw and attract negative experiences to yourself. But knowing that and ruling your behavior by it can seem like two different things.

How do you get yourself out of a funk? How do you avoid being influenced by someone else who is in a bad mood? Jophiel helps you rise above negative thinking to get your thoughts to a higher level where you can clearly manifest your highest good.

Archangel Jophiel also helps you beautify your physical life. I call this angel “the feng shui angel.” Jophiel encourages you to get rid of clutter and to donate things you don’t need anymore.

Chamuel (pronounced with a “Sh”) is another archangel I’d like to highlight. Chamuel is like the eyes of God. This angel is analogous to Saint Anthony in Catholicism in that Chamuel can find things like nobody’s business — which is really handy for lightworkers, because a lot of lightworkers constantly lose their keys or misplace their checkbook or eyeglasses. Just think the thought “Where is it?” and Chamuel immediately will draw you to find what you are looking for.

Archangel Chamuel can assist with more than car keys, of course. Chamuel can help you find right livelihood, right relationships, and the right home.

Ray: What are some specific examples of prayers a person might use to call upon the angels? How does someone trying it for the first time language things?

Doreen: I want to preface my response by saying that the angels don’t care what words you use. They appreciate the engraved, fancy prayers, but they say, “Just talk to us.” You can use ordinary language — the language you use when you talk with your best friend — when you ask for help.

If you want to reach out to the angels for something very personal for yourself, you can say, “Dear guardian angels and archangels, I ask that you come to me now and help me resolve this problem or issue.” And then you just pour out your heart to the angels.

You can do it silently in your mind. You can say it out loud. You can write it.

The angels already know how you feel, but they want you to pour out your heart to them, because then you are admitting your deepest fears to yourself. That way, it gets the demons — the angels don’t use that word — so, rather, the negative energy out of you, helping you surrender it to God.

A lot of us are afraid to tune into our deepest fears, but when you admit them to the angels there is this relief that actually helps you to be more effective and to more clearly hear your divine guidance.

Let me give an example of a prayer I really like. A lot of people say they feel tired, and I think that’s why we have a prevalence of coffee shops, especially with certain brands of coffee. I don’t remember seeing coffee shops on every corner when I was growing up, so there’s something going on these days.

As an alternative to reaching for that 50th cup of coffee for the day, Archangel Michael is a wonderful angel to call on if you feel tired. You say, “Archangel Michael, I ask that anything draining my energy and vitality be now removed from me.” It is a simple prayer. Say it, take a breath, and you will feel your energy being revived.

Ray: Why do the angels do what they do, Doreen?

Doreen: Because they love us, Ray. And it’s their assignment. They are direct, pure emissaries for God.

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