Jamie Sams on the Journey to Consciousness

Jamie Sams

Ray: Your book Dancing the Dream delineates seven paths of human development to give help to people undergoing their spiritual journey. After successfully walking the first four paths, the final three deal with expanding into universal consciousness and, ultimately, into full awareness and presence in the now. What would you most like people to realize about the journey to consciousness?

Jamie: That book was designed to give people an overview of a map of consciousness. But you cannot tell another human being how to get there. It’s an impossibility, because every human being is beautifully unique and will respond in a different way because their gifts, talents, and abilities, as well as their life experiences and the environment they grew up in, are so unbelievably diverse.

So, you can’t say someone should do it like this, this, and this.

My job was to give the overview and say this is one way. This is how I experienced it, and these are the life lessons every human being experiences in the maturation process. We all hope that we mature and go beyond base emotions, addictions, upsets, and family problems.

We hope we can get to a place where we authentically embrace the world without judgment and allow every other human being to follow their path and honor that as being sacred.

There are some basic things that almost every human being who walks these paths will encounter when they begin to experience what my teachers call the dream weave, the intangible world of the dream that interweaves with this physical world.

If nothing else, I want people struggling on their journey to get a booster shot of inspiration. I want people to know that I’ve been there, and there is an end phenomenon. You will get through this, and you will be okay.

You will be better than you ever were before.

*Learn about Jamie Sams at www.jamiesams.org, and read more of my work at www.rayhemachandra.com. I did this interview for New Age Retailer magazine.

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