Jonathan Goldman on the highest intention of sound healing: love

Ray Hemachandra with Andi and Jonathan Goldman at the New Age Retailer book at INATS in 2006

Ray: What would you most like the enduring legacy of your sound-healing music and work to be?

Jonathan: Love. If there is an intention of intentions, a secret of secrets, that could be imbibed and encoded on everything I do, it is the energy of love.

I’m talking about unconditional love–divine love that lets us know we are all one.

I believe the creation and manifestation process at this point in time and space goes beyond just the artistic need to create. It is our imperative to participate in planetary change and transformation, and love is the key.

My wife, Andi, and I wrote a book called Tantra of Sound together. The word “tantra” means the interconnecting web that unites all of reality. It’s also known as Indra’s net.

We gave the book that title because if everything is created through sound, then this net, this web or matrix, is also actually made up of sound.

Therefore, we can use our own sounds to interconnect with the web, to interconnect with one another, to interconnect with groups, and ultimately to interconnect with the divine uniting us all.

*Learn about Jonathan Goldman and his sound-healing workshops, recordings, and tools at, and read more of my work at I did this interview for New Age Retailer magazine.

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