Doreen Virtue on the Angels

Ray: Doreen, what is an angel?

Doreen Virtue

Doreen: An angel is a messenger of light and love—the embodiment of a thought of light and love God sends to Earth.

Angels do not have bodies in the traditional sense, but they have etheric forms that we can feel. Most of us are feeling the angels more than any other connection.

Each of us has guardian angels. They are nondenominational. The angels are here to help us remember who we are—that we are holy, perfect children of God—and that anything we need for our life’s purpose is given to us for the asking.

Ray: Why do you think awareness about angels has undergone such an increase in recent years?

Doreen: Even though there has always been an awareness of angels, there are more angels here now because we are praying harder. Everyone is praying for the planet and the people on the planet these days. And when we pray, angels are sent here.

We live in a time when there are wars—some of them religious wars—around the world. Angels are completely nondenominational. Every religion, Eastern and Western, has the same archetype of benevolent guides in Heaven helping us, whether they are called bodhisattvas, deities, devas, or angels, as they are called by the monotheistic religions of the West.

Angels are something we all agree on. Nobody fights about angels.

*Read my 2005 interview with Doreen for New Age Retailer magazine on her site,, and read a more recent interview I did with this kind-hearted teacher on

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