Doreen Virtue on Connecting with Your Angels

Ray: How can you first connect with the angels?

Doreen Virtue

Doreen: To have conscious communication with the angels — and I emphasize the word “conscious” because I firmly believe we all are continuously and unconsciously connecting with our angels, whether we are aware of it or not — you would start in a place you feel comfortable, all by yourself, so you don’t feel self-conscious. Then, just think of something you would like help with.

For example, say, “Angels, I want a wonderful new job that exercises all my talents and everything I’ve learned — so I will wake up on Monday mornings and say ‘Yippee!’ — and that comfortably pays all my bills, plus some.”

You ask, and then the next step is to let go. You can’t worry about how the thing is going to come about. Ruminating about trying to make something happen, or worrying about the how, actually slows down the prayer being answered, because the way prayers are answered exceeds human third-dimensional thinking.

Asking for help from the angels is like going to the post office. You have to let go of the envelope in order for it to be mailed. If that’s difficult for you, also ask the angels for help in surrendering and releasing.

The third step is to notice the impressions that come to you. These impressions are divine guidance. You will get strong feelings, ideas, or even visions. Listen for things you hear and overhear, including what people say around you and on TV, repeated over and over again.

Messages from the angels will come with a feeling of certainty and peace, even if the messages are intimidating because they are pushing you past your comfort zone. You have to follow the road maps the angels give you, or else your prayer may not be fully answered.

Sometimes people will say to me they think God and the angels are ignoring them, but when I talk to them and the angels, I find it’s the person ignoring God and the angels.

Ray: How can you be sure you’re really hearing the angels?

Doreen: First, ask for a sign. If you are asking for a big thing — something about marriage, moving, or health, for example — that’s when you need the angels the most, but paradoxically that’s also when it is the most difficult for you to hear them. When you get stressed and uptight, your communication energies shut down.

So, what I like to do is ask the angels for a sign that I’m getting the message right. The prayer I use is, “Angels, let me know whether or not this is true divine guidance. Please give me a clear sign in the physical world that I can easily notice and understand.”

Don’t tell them what kind of sign to give you — that’s outlining. Instead, because you’ve asked for a sign you will notice and understand easily, let the angels take care of it.

Look for repetitiveness with both divine guidance and signs. Signs usually come in threes. The same book is recommended to you several times within the space of a day, for example. You overhear someone mention the same company three times in a week. Or, you get the same feeling again and again.

Notice your feelings. Again, true divine guidance feels safe, even if it does feel intimidating. False guidance feels edgy, shaky — like you’re sneaking under the wire. It doesn’t feel right.

Also, true divine guidance asks you to focus on service. False guidance is more ego-oriented, more about what’s in it for you — for example, more focused on making money for its own sake. True guidance will help you make money, but it won’t focus on that.

*See the full interview this excerpt was drawn from at While this excerpt was drawn from that more recent conversation with Doreen, also read my 2005 interview with Doreen for New Age Retailer magazine on her site,

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