Jonathan Goldman on Healing with Sound

Ray: Jonathan, which is more transformational—listening to recordings made by the very finest sound healers or self-created sound?

Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan: I don’t think there’s an easy answer to that question, because the answer really depends on the time, the space, and the need of the individual.

My traditional preset answer is whenever you can make your own sounds, these are going to be more powerful. Certainly some of my most powerful experiences have been chanting sacred sounds, sacred names, and sacred vowels, especially in large groups.

But, at the same time, new recording techniques allow us to create forms of sound that were unavailable previously. Modern technology allows us to combine and create things that were never possible before on the physical plane.

So, for instance, I did a recording called The Lost Chord that combines Hebrew, Tibetan, and Hindu chants. It is a journey through the chakras, as well as the kabbalistic tree of life. It uses the phi ratio of the mathematical Fibonacci series that describes the spiral.

Most people cannot create these sounds on their own. Maybe a well-trained choir could do it with years of work. But for most people, listening to that recording is profoundly powerful and helps them cross into another level of sound and vibration.

That said, doing sound live and in person is the most powerful and transformational aspect of sound most people typically engage.

*Learn about Jonathan Goldman and his sound-healing workshops, recordings, and tools at, and read more of my work at I did this interview for New Age Retailer magazine.

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