Jonathan Goldman Offers a Simple Sound Healing Exercise

Ray Hemachandra with Andi and Jonathan Goldman at the New Age Retailer booth at the 2006 International New Age Trade Show

Ray: Jonathan, you constantly are putting on workshops about healing sounds. Would you share a simple exercise for sound healing?

Jonathan: My wife, Andi, and I share an exercise with people of simply sounding the “ah” sound. Make a very gentle “ah” sound coupled with the focused intention of appreciation.

Remember: Your sound coupled with your intention–with your consciousness–can heal and transform.

Andi and I really like to use the “ah” vowel sound. We use the “ah” in many of our exercises to resonate the heart center. It also is a vowel sound found in many of the god and goddess names on the planet: Buddha, Krishna, Jeheshua [the Hebrew name of Jesus], Tara. So many deities have this “ah” sound.

Nonetheless, one reason we like to work with the “ah” sound is it’s nondenominational. I can get somebody who might be fundamentalist in her or his belief system saying, “Well, I’m not going to chant some kind of heathen mantra, like om.” But nobody argues with chanting an “ah” sound, because vowel sounds are found in every language and tradition.

In fact, vowel sounds are considered sacred in many traditions, including the Judeo-Christian tradition. In ancient Hebrew, the consonants are associated with the sounds of the Earth plane. Vowel sounds are associated with the sounds of the God plane. Then, by joining the two, you have communication.

Back to the exercise: We have people make the “ah” sound with the energy of appreciation. Simply sit and think of something you feel appreciative of, and then begin to breathe this appreciation in and out of your heart center. While you are physically breathing in and out through your nose and mouth, you actually are creating a coherent electromagnetic waveform between your brain and your heart.

You simply tone “aaaahhhh” while feeling this energy, this intention. You visualize someone or something that you appreciate –a child, a spouse, a pet,or maybe even a beautiful sunset. While you visualize, you make this sound.

The technique is great for promoting a peaceful energy and also for resolving conflict.

Let’s say you and a spouse, a partner, or a friend get into an argument or some sort of turmoil together. It happens sometimes.

Instead of shouting at each other, one of you can just say, “Let’s make a sound together.” Just go “aaaahhhh,” and within a couple of minutes, all of a sudden, you create this state of calmness and dissipate a lot of the anger and negativity.

*Learn about Jonathan Goldman and his sound-healing workshops, recordings, and tools at, and read more of my work at I did this interview for New Age Retailer magazine.

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