Marianne Williamson on Your Most Important Question

Marianne Williamson

Ray: Marianne, from the perspective of midlife, what’s the most valuable question people can ask themselves?

Marianne: A lot of times people ask, “What am I supposed to do?” or “What’s my purpose?” But there’s a deeper question to ask. A Course in Miracles, and really any serious spiritual path, posits the question, “Who am I supposed to be?”

I think that’s the crowning glory of aging: to answer the challenge of becoming the person you are capable of being. And out of that emerges a desire to serve that you never quite experienced before.

It’s ironic and counterintuitive: When you know you have less time left, you care even more about what happens in the future of the planet.

There’s something about what happens fifty or one hundred years from now that matters even more poignantly when you know you won’t be here then.

You want to become a finely tuned, inspirational, intuitional instrument now. No more wasting time.

You want to leave this Earth knowing that, whatever emerged as the deeper calling of your soul, you finally did it.

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