Doreen Virtue on signs from the angels

Doreen Virtue

Ray: Doreen, what are some signs angels give to let people know they are present?

Doreen: One of the most common signs is seeing flickering or flashing lights with your physical eyes. You think you’re seeing Fourth of July sparklers or flashbulbs going off.

Some people have had their eyes checked by eye doctors and ruled out any organic causes. Flickering and flashing are what I call angel trails — the energy of angels moving across time and space to cause signs.

Another sign is finding feathers everywhere. You also can find coins, but often deceased loved ones are the beings leaving coins for you.

Deceased loved ones sometimes can act like angels in terms of saving you and guiding you.

But deceased loved ones technically are not angels, because they still have egos. So, their advice is only as pure as a human’s would be.

*See the full interview this post was excerpted from at While this excerpt was drawn from that more recent conversation with Doreen, also read my 2005 interview with Doreen for New Age Retailer magazine on her site,

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