Dr. Wayne W. Dyer on Feeling Good



Wayne Dyer and Ray Hemachandra

Ray: Is feeling good a significant spiritual goal?

Wayne: The No. 1 principle in the universe is “I intend to feel good.” Feeling good is what you should be doing every day of your life.

A friend of mine visited Swami Muktananda back in the 1970s in India. As my friend was going into the ashram, Muktananda stopped him and said, “Do you know the difference between good and God?” and my friend said, “Zero.” Muktananda held up a zero and said, “That’s right. When you look at God and good, the only difference between them is one little zero.”

So, when you are saying you want to feel good, what you really are saying is you want to feel God:

I want my thoughts to be the same as the source from which I emanated.

I want to have thoughts that exclude no one.

I want to have thoughts of abundance.

I want to have thoughts of love, of kindness, of beauty.

I want to be on a rampage of appreciation every single day.

People should not be filling their minds with all the things that are wrong, with how the economy is going, or with trying to get someplace in the world. They should enjoy being in this moment and in this day and serving people.

*I did this 2005 interview, available in its entirety on Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s website here, for New Age Retailer magazine. Also click here to read my more recent interview with Wayne on my website, Hemachandra.com.

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