Eckhart Tolle: You Are the Now


Ray Hemachandra and Eckhart Tolle


Ray: What can help people better understand the now — what the present moment really is, and what they really are?

Eckhart: Most people equate the now, the present moment, with what happens in the now.

They think there are many different moments, thousands of moments every day, because different things are happening every day, one thing after another. Thoughts, external things, and internal things happen.

But those things really are not what the present moment is. Life always is now, but the form the now takes changes continuously. Most people equate the form the now takes with the now itself, and so they believe there are many different moments.

If you look more deeply, though, you realize there only ever is this moment.

It never is not this moment. So, there really are not different moments, because it always is this moment. Only what happens in this moment changes, and that is the form.

The formless dimension of life is this moment. This moment is timeless and formless — the eternal itself.

You realize that the now can be equated with this space, with consciousness, and it is who you are essentially.

The now is the space for everything to happen. You are not what happens in the now. You are the now, which is consciousness.

That is why the now is so important. The now is not what happens — that is the surface appearance of the now — the now is the space.

It is formless. It is timeless. It always is the same. It cannot change.

Life always is now. Life is inseparable from now.

So, you discover the deeper dimensions through the simple realization: You are the space. You are the now in the deepest sense.

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