Top 13 List: A Baker’s Dozen of 2013 Blog Posts

Ray Hemachandra this morning, photo by Nicholas Hemachandra

It has been a great year in the blogosphere, easily setting a record for highest amount of traffic since replaced the prominently indexed former static site, which closed at the end of 2011. (You can still take a limited peek at that site via the cool time travel mechanism the Wayback Machine.)

I wanted to try and sum up the year’s work with a Top 10 list, which morphed into a Top 12 list, which in turn became a baker’s dozen list, because I always go for the extra donut. What’s one more donut?

Besides, a list of 13 kind of makes sense for the year 2013, doesn’t it?

I can’t wait until 2099.

Using a variety of metrics (page views, Likes, comments, shares — all of which don’t always line up very well) in combination with just a touch of subjective whim, here are the Top 13 Blog Posts for 2013 for — and, fittingly enough, No. 1 is itself a Top 10 list:

  1. Top 10 List: Things to Remember When Working with Children with Autism or Other Special Needs
  2. An Interview with Eckhart Tolle: The Ego, the Now, Evolution and Madness
  3. A Byron Katie Interview: The Turnaround
  4. Autism and Grief
  5. An Interview with Sister Chan Khong: On Interbeing, Service, and Our Little Wars
  6. Life Loves You! An Interview with Louise Hay
  7. How May I Serve? An Interview with Wayne Dyer
  8. Nicholas Thurman Jackson Hemachandra: the puzzle known as Superman
  9. A Doreen Virtue Interview: Ask Your Angels
  10. Bowling in Chicago: friendship, racism, loyalty, and the meaning of team through the paradigm of working-class communities and bowling leagues in the late 20th century
  11. A Marianne Williamson Interview: On Midlife, Body Blows, and Spiritual Understanding
  12. An Interview with Rabbi David Zeller: Spirituality, Religion, and the Lessons of the Holocaust
  13. Roads Not Taken: Lessons in Autism, Inclusion, and Life
Photo by Ray Hemachandra
Radnor Lake, Tennessee, December 2013, photo by Ray Hemachandra

I hope you enjoy these posts! You can click through via the links above or the thumbnail photos at the bottom of this post. Please let me know which entry is your own favorite.

Let me add two asterisks and pretend that doesn’t make a list of fifteen.

First asterisk: I was honored in December to be asked by Jenny Doh to be Guest Curator for a week on her blog. Please read the Art Saves post I wrote for CRESCENDOh for the occasion, which will surely be something I’ll remember and appreciate from 2013.

Second asterisk: A years-old blog post of Doreen Virtue describing specific archangels continues to get a lot of traffic from heavy search indexing. You might think — or, rather, I might think — it would have been supplanted by the Doreen Virtue post at No. 9 above, which includes the earlier post in its entirety and expands well beyond it, but the vagaries of Google Search keep the old post going strongly.

Finally, more than an asterisk and indeed much more importantly, thank you for being part of my online community in 2013 and for letting me be a part of yours.

I wish you a most beautiful 2014.

Ray and Nicholas Hemachandra

Ray Hemachandra and Eckhart Tolle

Byron Katie

Ray Hemachandra and Nicholas Hemachandra

Sister Chan Khong during our interview at her residence at Magnolia GroveLouise Hay with Ray Hemachandra in Tampa, FloridaRay and Nicholas Hemachandra

Wayne Dyer and Ray HemachandraDoreen VirtueBowling teammarianne williamson pic for blog

Rabbi David ZellerNicholas Hemachandra

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