Louise Hay: Love yourself. Share. And keep it simple.

Louise Hay with Ray Hemachandra in Tampa, Florida

Louise, what advice do you have for somebody who wants to begin doing healing work?

Louise: Learn to love yourself. And share.

You know, I’m a high-school dropout. I don’t know how I got here. Life unfolded doorways for me, and I guess I walked through them.

Everything is simple. And the simple things work best.

When I read books that are really complicated, I think, “Oh, God, there’s so much work! Why would I want to do this?”

I’m not even interested in it—although some people may be attracted to that approach and find it stimulating for them, for one reason or another, to make it as complicated as you can. I just don’t feel that way.

*Read a lengthy excerpt from this 2008 interview with Louise here on Hemachandra.com. Also, read a full interview, conducted for New Age Retailer magazine in 2005, on Louise Hay’s website.

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