Brian Froud on Pink Fairies


Brian Froud


Ray: Have you encountered blocks to your work because of the subject matter of fairies?

Brian: I get it all the time. People just go blank when you say “fairies.”

I’ve been touring for years, coming out with books about fairies, and my wife, Wendy Froud, who is a doll maker, also did a book about fairies called A Midsummer Night’s Faery Tale.

We can never get any press coverage, because when you say the word “fairy,” everybody has a preconceived idea of what that is. What it is is some sort of shallow, sparkly, tinselly, pink thing that has no power.

This is because we’ve relegated fairies to the nursery, and fairies were never there.

Fairies were always in the real world.

Fairies are difficult, tricksy creatures that we have to placate all the time. Now they’re coming back.

They’re sort of reminding us to pay attention to them and ultimately to pay attention to the world and our role in it.

We almost need another word for fairy, that’s the thing. Once people get to see what fairies’ real power is, then they understand.

*Learn about Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, and their amazing artwork at, and read more of my interviews at I did this interview for New Age Retailer magazine.

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